Device Neutrality


It was only a few years ago that almost all online traffic came from PCs; today that is not the case. Since 2010, the number of people accessing the web through a mobile device has doubled. Any truly modern geolocation system has to account for this and any future change in internet usage habbits. It is for this reason that GeoComply’s geolocation solution was designed from the ground up to be¬†Platform Neutral.

Appeal to the largest possible audience.

What Does This Mean?

Simply put, it means that the GeoComply Matrix can locate users regardless of what type of device they use connect to an online service. This is possible because the GeoComply Matrix can be integrated into the technologies that users most often use to connect to online services.

Currently, the GeoComply Matrix is offered in 3 fully customizable and integrated solutions:

  • A Downloadable Application (that can be embedded into software downloads)
  • A Browser-based Solution (optimized for web based content)
  • A Mobile Application (customizable for a variety of mobile devices, including those running iOS and Android).

This ability to locate users regardless of how they go online means service providers can appeal to the largest possible audience, unlike some other location solutions which can only locate users provide they use a particular type of device.

Moreover, the GeoComply Matrix ensures the highest possible levels of accuracy and security by taking advantage of as many methods of geolocation that a device has to offer — meaning that a device’s WiFi information, IP address, MAC address, GPS, and cell tower IDs, can all be used to ensure the most accurate and reliable location results.