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Master Fintech Risk & Sanctions Compliance with Geolocation

GeoComply’s free Fintech Risk & Compliance Guide features the top five geolocation capabilities fintech businesses need to stay OFAC and sanctions compliant. Discover actionable strategies to accurately determine where your users are really located.

Modern location spoofing technology goes far beyond VPN use. In fact, the majority of transactions use tools and techniques like downloadable software and network tampering.

Our guide offers valuable insights into how modern geolocation technology detects fraud and scums, spoofing attempts, and flags suspicious users.

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Top techniques you will discover in the guide include:

  1. How to effectively block users located in high-risk and sanctioned jurisdictions
  2. How to detect VPN and proxy usage and recognize other regulatory red flags
  3. How to strengthen your KYC and AML verification process without adding friction 
  4. How to defend your platform against fraud and organized crime
  5. How to attract and safeguard your banking and payments partners


What are industry leaders saying?

“Advanced location signaling provides another critical data point that gives insight into the legitimacy and validity of transactions.”

Jarod Koopman, Acting Executive Director of Cyber and Forensic Services, IRS – Criminal Investigations (CI)

“We’ve been highlighting the importance of using geolocation tools as an effective internal control both in our sanctions compliance guidance for the virtual currency industry… but also through our enforcement actions.”

Andrea Gacki, OFAC Director, at the ACAMS Sanctions Space Summit, Feb. 3, 2022

“We see that regulators have recognized the importance of geolocation data for strengthening KYC/AML and sanctions compliance.”

Chia Hock Lai, Co-chairman, Blockchain Association Singapore