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Onboard more legitimate customers and keep the fraudsters away

IDComply is your all-in-one KYC/AML solution. Easily verify customers’ identity on their first try and keep the bad actors out from the get-go.
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Up to 95%

pass rate for clients across 46 states in 2023**

Up to 20%

higher than that of individual vendors, saving thousandsof dollars monthly**


YoY growth, underscoring the trust of over 30 major clients in the US

**Expectations from results of existing IDComply customers.

Your all-in-one solution!

id verification

Identity verification

Verify identity by comparing personal details (date of birth, address, name, SSN) against authoritative sources.


Phone number verification

Validate personal details with mobile carriers and screen the number for any prior fraudulent activity.


Email insights

Verify and validate any email address within one request.

kyc compliance

KYC/AML compliance

Monitor risk in real-time, including PEP, OFAC, HIO, sanctions lists, and criminal records.

identity theft

Fraud prevention

Prevent fraudulent activity such as multi-accounting, bonus abuse, identity theft, account takeover, and more.

id verification

ID + selfie verification

Automatically verify 'high-risk’ customers with photo ID and selfie checks in a snap.


Knowledge-based authentication (KBA)

Verify users with out of wallet questions pulled from their official credit records. (KBA is only required in some U.S. states).


Core for Authentication

CfA is a frictionless authentication solution that fulfills enhanced KYC requirements. It also prevents fraud early in the player funnel using advanced geolocation technology and billions of gaming insights.

Why IDComply   ?

Idcomply onboard customers

Onboard more legitimate customers

Increase pass rates by checking multiple reliable sources and minimize drop-offs by providing your customers with the best user experience.
Idcomply focus costs

Save on costs and focus on your customer

Avoid the pitfalls of "one-and-done" vendors.  IDComply handles everything for you, from maintaining integrations and juggling vendor negotiations to testing data sources and optimizing the flow - all at no additional cost.
Idcomply protect profits

Safeguard your business and protect profits

Ensure you’re always compliant with evolving regulations in the gaming market. Prevent financial and reputational damages sooner by leveraging advanced anti-fraud capabilities.
Idcomply real time monitor

Monitor pass rates in real-time

Gain actionable data insights to evaluate pass rates and identify areas of friction so you can optimize the user experience and reduce abandonment rates.

How it works

Find the sweet spot between compliance and user-friendly onboarding.

Verify customers instantly with customizable fields that meet each jurisdiction’s compliance rules, asking for only the minimum required information. Actively monitor your performance and optimize the onboarding experience through actionable data insights and regular UX recommendations.

Verify your customer through the best data sources – with one API call.

IDComply removes the complexity of multiple integrations with various vendors. Its waterfall logic verifies data through multiple sources and automatically checks every subsequent source until a successful verification is achieved.


Alternative verification methods that don’t leave any customer behind.

An alternative option is provided for quick and efficient document scanning in the unlikely scenario of a verification failure for ‘high-risk’ customers. IDComply automatically collects data from photo IDs, easily verified with selfies.

Get more for less with IDComply  

IDComply automates multi-source checks for you in seconds, saving you hours of manual review and dollars spent on building your own solution or integrating with multiple vendors. Take all the complexity and costs, and get the highest possible pass rate while detecting more fraud.
Alternatives IDComply
Integration 1 per vendor Single integration
Price Variable Fixed
Minimum Commitments Yes No
Set-up Fees Yes No
Anti-Fraud Capabilities No Yes
UX Advisory No Yes
Alternatives IDComply
Integration 1 per vendor Single integration
Price Variable Fixed
Minimum Commitments Yes No
Set-up Fees Yes No
Anti-Fraud Capabilities No Yes
UX Advisory No Yes

Frequently asked questions

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance is a set of procedures and controls gaming/gambling providers develop to prevent and combat money laundering, terrorist financing, and other financial crimes. This usually includes KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures which involve verifying the identity of customers and understanding the nature of their business relationship with a company.

KYC (Know Your Customer) is an identity verification measure for players in the gaming/gambling industry to identify and verify the customers who sign up to their websites online and via mobile. KYC checks can identify bad risk actors and high-risk users. This process reduces the risk of identity fraud and combats money laundering activity.

Identity verification is essential for gaming/gambling operators because it helps to verify the identity of players, reduce the risk of identity fraud and combat money laundering activity. It also ensures that players are who they claim to be before they can start playing.

IDComply has live dashboards and reports that allow you to analyze your user demographics, identify gaps in your UX design that might lead to partial matches or abandoned registrations, and monitor your overall pass rates to assess your KYC process continuously. 

IDComply does not store any PII (Personal Identifiable Information). It only stores anonymized applicant data as the GUPI (Global Unique Player Identifier), uniquely assigned to each registrant.

Definitely. Once we kick off onboarding, our support teams guide you through the implementation process and help you incorporate our best practices. Upon integration, we conduct testing and a UX review before we allow the solution to go live.

Yes. While our solution comes with suggested best practices to ensure compliance and efficiency, as well as data points to collect, the structure of our data waterfall is entirely customizable.

You are only charged for a single transaction regardless of the number of vendors utilized to verify the user.