GeoComply for Media & Entertainment

Stop location fraud and geo-piracy

Protect the value of your content and comply with media rights agreements.

Put an end to location fraud with spoof-proof location intelligence.

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    Stop location fraud

    Identify the true location of a user to serve them premium content at the market value.

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    Maximize revenue

    Protect your exclusivity, identify account fraud and reduce content piracy.

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    Protect your reputation

    Use the industry’s most accurate VPN and Proxy IP database.

    • The BBC

      “GeoGuard forms part of the suite of tools that we use to control who accesses our content, and from where.”

      The BBC
    • Campbell Foster, Vice President of Product Marketing, Akamai

      “By integrating GeoGuard directly with the Akamai Intelligent Platform, we are giving our customers a simple
      way to implement a comprehensive geo-piracy solution without the usual associated complexity and technical overhead.”

      Campbell Foster, Vice President of Product Marketing, Akamai
    • Tsz Kit Chan, AVP, Product Development, PCCW Media Ltd.

      “GeoGuard responded quickly to help us solve our content protection needs, and with their guidance we integrated their solution swiftly and painlessly. I can also attest to the high quality and commitment of GeoGuard’s 24/7 customer support team.”

      Tsz Kit Chan, AVP, Product Development, PCCW Media Ltd.
    • Chris Grusz, Director, AWS Marketplace and Service Catalog, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

      “GeoGuard in AWS Marketplace provides Amazon CloudFront customers an additional layer of protection against VPN and proxy-based geolocation fraud and geo-piracy.”

      Chris Grusz, Director, AWS Marketplace and Service Catalog, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

    The growing use of VPNs and proxies is exacerbating the geo-piracy problem.

    It’s time to protect your content.

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    Mitigate geo-piracy and location fraud.

    Using a VPN to access content that consumers would otherwise not be entitled to watch is a form of fraud, and VPN companies actively encourage consumers to illicitly access content.

    GeoComply identifies suspicious and anomalous user behavior to prevent fraudulent content viewing and piracy.

    54% of millennials admit to having watched illegal streams of live sports – one-third of them doing so on a regular basis.” – SMG Insights

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    Reduce revenue leakage.

    Consumers and geo-pirates use increasingly sophisticated tools to spoof their location and illegally access premium content, sports events and movie premiers. 

    GeoComply leverages its compliance-grade location intelligence and fraud detection solutions to ensure users cannot spoof their location in order to illegally access content.

    OTT operators in the U.S. took a hit of $9.1 billion in 2019 due to consumers sharing accounts and pirating content.” – Parks Associates

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    Protect legitimate users.

    Fraudsters impersonate legitimate users with stolen usernames and passwords, creating distrust for your brand as a secure streaming video platform. 

    GeoComply reduces the risk of user spoofing by accurately identifying a user’s true location – so you can serve genuine viewers and block the fraudulent ones.

    More than 1 in 10 people who paid for streaming services, have had their streaming account hacked.” –

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    Comply with rights owners’ license agreements.

    Without proper safeguards, geo-pirates can access content for free or at a lower price than they should. Verifying a customer’s location requires more than just an IP address to ensure consumers are where they claim to be. 

    GeoComply offers the most accurate location detection solution on the market to protect content from being viewed from outside of its approved territory, and to ensure compliance with media rights agreements.

    51% of VPN users report the main reason they are using VPNs is to access better entertainment content.” – Global Web Index

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