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Locking Out VPN Pirates In Finland

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Case Study: Locking Out VPN Pirates In Finland

Nelonen Media was using a basic proxy detection and VPN blocking solution that no longer met the needs of the Hollywood studios.
One of the largest studios recommended GeoGuard in its contract with Nelonen Media.

“GeoGuard is a brand that Hollywood studios and sports rights holders recognize and trust. We know that GeoComply is keeping the service up to date in the background so we don’t ever have to think about VPN and proxy blocking. This frees up our time to focus on our business and deliver a better service for viewers.”

– Tero Vedenoja, Head of Online Development, Nelonen Media


Download the case study to learn how Nelonen:

  • Simply “turned on” GeoGuard through AWS Marketplace to block illegal viewers and reduce piracy.
  • Has freed up resources to focus on enhancing its service to legitimate subscribers.
  • Ensures compliance with contractual obligations.
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