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MultiChoice Combats Piracy to Increase Content License Compliance

MultiChoice Combats Piracy
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Case Study: MultiChoice Combats Piracy and Ensures Content License Compliance

MultiChoice needed to stop piracy and comply with rights owners’ requirements for territorial exclusivity. Account sharing and the creation of suspicious user accounts were also problems. The company turned to GeoGuard for help.

“We have been impressed by GeoGuard – it works seamlessly in the background to safeguard our content for legitimate users, ensures territorial exclusivity and helps us comply with our content distribution obligations with rights owners. From an OTT broadcaster perspective, the cost savings and efficiency it’s providing in our streaming infrastructure is a huge bonus.”

– Greg van Wyngaard, Senior Engineer, MultiChoice Group


Download the case study to learn how MultiChoice:

  • Quickly and seamlessly implemented GeoGuard via AWS CloudFront to immediately stop geo-piracy.
  • Freed up infrastructure capacity by blocking tens of thousands of pirate viewers monthly and stopping the creation of suspicious user accounts.
  • More than doubled the number of concurrent users for live-streamed events, giving a better quality of experience for paying subscribers.
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