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The ultimate No-Download Browser Solution for iGaming is here!
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Get the answers you need to fight fraud effectively at your business

  • Monetary cost
  • Labor
  • Reputation
  • When it comes to fraud prevention, there is no silver bullet. Fraudsters always find the path of least resistance; therefore, the best tool against fraud threats is a multiplicity of tools and data points.
  • Working with a platform that natively provides geolocation, device fingerprinting, and IP risks can make management easier and provide a more holistic view.
  • Subscription fraud / Account setup fraud
  • Account takeover
  • Transactional fraud
  • Abusive chargebacks
  • Absolutely not
  • We’re leaders in the iGaming space
  • Our technology goes far beyond
  • Developing compliance-grade geolocation that meets iGaming expectations, it’s tech you can rely on to provide the highest accuracy.
  • Looking at what device is being used
  • Looking at where the activation comes from
  • Applying the insight from our unparalleled market insight across an entire industry, leveraging consortium data seamlessly.
  • Proprietary device fingerprinting
  • Seeing where someone comes from
  • Detecting malicious apps and suspicious behaviors on a device
  • See where every transaction is coming from
  • See if the device used is known, used by fraudsters, and has suspicious behaviors across other merchants.
  • See if a person is trying to hide behind VPN, TOR, etc.

GCI, use a user’s history and automate to better bot-managed chargebacks, fight more CB, and win more with compelling evidence.

See the usual talk track on that.

  • Help by reducing CB
  • Help by showing where someone is, regardless of who they say they are and what device they’re using

Live as fast as a few days.

No, we have our own proprietary

Reference customer, our own proprietary, updated hourly, dedicated research team

  • A team of in-house fraud experts constantly researching
  • Team in touch with regulators and law enforcement
  • Help with investigations, etc.
  • IDComply story
  • Layer location risk and device risk in your KYC process to fight – at the same time – synthetic IDs AND stolen identities
  • VPN providers are fast and nimble, fraudsters create new solutions often, etc.
  • Relying on less flexible solutions, updated less often, exposes you to clever fraudsters, more obscure solutions, etc.

Fraud is a fraud! Whether you call it Bonus Abuse, Subscription, or Hardware Theft, to name a few examples, it’s still ‘identity theft’. The vast expertise we have developed in the iGaming space can be translated into various other industries struggling with Identity Theft. The market-wide intelligence we built can be leveraged, providing day-1 value to customers in the financial sector, telecom, etc.