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Promotion abuse  costs businesses 1.2% of their revenue 

Protect your investment with geolocation data and insights and help from our team of dedicated fraud analysts.
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Stop the revenue drain from promotion abuse

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Detect multi-accounting

GeoComply uses machine learning and robust risk engines to detect and block suspicious patterns and behaviors in real time. Our analysis detected one prolific fraud ring involving more than 150 user accounts accessed on only three devices – a classic sign of promotion abuse.


Prevent synthetic identity theft

Fraudsters craft synthetic identities to open new accounts. Stop them with low-friction KYC checks and geolocation authentication whenever you determine there is a risk.

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Get expert fraud help

Our fraud and risk management team excels at helping customers flag and block fraudulent accounts, devices, and locations that indicate patterns of promotion abuse, whether that’s for sign-up or referral bonuses.

Check out how we keep your investment safe from promotion abuse.

Stop promotion abuse and protect your revenue today.

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