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On-property geofencing solution tailored for you

Create virtual boundaries to help comply with jurisdictional regulations.


Precise location accuracy

PinPoint combines proprietary beacon technology with compliance-grade geolocation for custom geofencing that’s accurate up to 1 meter.
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Expand your sportsbook

Allow users to place bets on their mobile apps anywhere within the facility.

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Geofence any indoor requirements

Create virtual boundaries to limit where consumers can or cannot play.

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Improve the customer experience

Allow users to verify their identity on-property using their mobile devices.


Custom geofences

Our PinPoint beacons support large- or small-scale geofencing use cases.


Beacon Manager

Our Beacon Manager portal integrates all PinPoint beacons for continuous monitoring and status notifications.


Location fraud detection

Leverage location-spoofing and fraud prevention features from GeoComply Core SDKs.


Continuously updated

Over-the-air software updates ensure PinPoint beacons have the latest security and compliance features.


Client portal

Make better decisions with dashboards and reporting available at your fingertips. Every available data point is tracked and monitored.


Proven reliability

PinPoint beacons help strengthen compliance at hundreds of different locations in multiple states with proven reliability.

Case Studies

An on-property compliance solution for each use case

Sports Betting in Montana Case Study

On-site ID Verification in Iowa

Pearl River Resorts Case Study

Discover new business opportunities and strengthen compliance with custom geofencing.

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