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Comply with the most complex location regulations

When you need a compliance-grade geolocation solution, you want GeoComply.

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A compliance-grade, end-to-end geolocation and user authentication solution.

  • verified location

    Comply with complex geolocation requirements.

    GeoComply provides the industry’s most accurate location detection, combining multi-source data collection and verification through the use of machine learning and human intelligence.

  • location checked

    Provide a seamless player experience.

    Location checks happen in milliseconds in the background of a player’s session without disrupting their experience.

  • high user traffic

    Ensure every bet is from a legitimate user.

    Designed to handle high-volume traffic and to ensure the highest level of up-time, GeoComply avoids business disruption. Get the lowest rate of false negatives and false positives by ensuring the most precise inclusion zones for users near the borders.

  • verifying identification

    Increase digital identity verification rates.

    GeoComply offers a multi-vendor waterfall ID and age verification process that provides a seamless user experience.

  • location masked

    Spot fraud before it happens.

    Empower your business by detecting fraud earlier in customer interactions. Flag suspicious activities like location masking, device integrity, location jumping and synthetic identity.

  • Learn about GeoComply Core

    Solving the most unique use cases in the gaming industry.


    Secure, on-property gaming

    Transform your entire property into a sportsbook.

    In cases where wagering is limited to retail facilities (e.g. Mississippi in the U.S.), betting on a mobile device needs to be restricted to on-property – within the physical confines of a licensed facility.

    Check out the Pearl River Resorts case study

    • checkmark Capture player location data to deliver tailored experiences and offers.
    • checkmark Enable real-time, in-play betting via a mobile app while the user is on-premise.
    • checkmark Enable guests to place wagers in their rooms, casino or sportsbook floor, restaurants, bars, pool areas or fitness centers.
    • checkmark Attract a new demographic who is already accustomed to using their own devices for entertainment purposes.

    State-specific location rules

    Meet every state’s unique location requirements to stay compliant.

    Specific states may have specific legal and compliance requirements. This requires a flexible solution to adapt to different rules while enabling advanced geofencing scenarios.


    • checkmark Ensure compliance by geofencing and blocking areas where gaming is not permitted, such as federal land and properties.
    • checkmark Create virtual boundaries including, for example, sports venues and surrounding areas within a specified radius.
    • checkmark Allow on-premise sports betting at restaurants, bars and in hotels.


    Apply geofences and locate players with pinpoint accuracy.

    Gaming and wagering regulations vary from state to state, requiring accurate location identification. Quite often, a large concentration of the population is located within a few miles of the state borders.


    • checkmark Precisely locate players near the state's borders to avoid revenue loss – 82% of New Jersey’s daily fantasy sports (DFS) traffic is within 10 miles of the state's border.
    • checkmark Block players outside of the state area while ensuring legitimate players can play with no restrictions.
    • checkmark Ensure players in transit are allowed to play until they get to the border.
    • checkmark Comply with each state’s regulations through our flexible rules setting.

    State-of-the-art location detection and verification technology.

  • map location

    Geofence players

    Pinpoint players’ location with the highest degree of accuracy – from country level to state, down to a building or even a room.

  • shield

    Prevent illegal bets

    Identify ineligible users by applying comprehensive location checks and detecting spoofing tools.

  • user check

    Minimize false negatives

    Eliminate “overblocking” of legitimate users and block malicious users attempting to circumvent system checks.

  • A geolocation solution for any gaming experience.


    Sports betting, casino and poker

    Ensuring a positive experience when customers play or place bets is critical to success. But sports betting, casino and poker operators also have to comply with specific, complex location-based regulations. 

    GeoComply’s compliance-grade solution runs geolocation checks in the background during the end-user’s session, without intruding on the player experience.

    “Delivering a geolocation solution which is not just compliant, but also built and optimized for the player experience is a critical success factor for iGaming. GeoComply have always demonstrated that they can deliver on that under tight deadlines.”

    Marco Ceccarelli, Caesars Interactive, SVP & Chief Information Officer
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    iLottery and DFS

    Geolocation requirements apply to iLotteries and DFS operators. GeoComply’s geolocation technology allows play within permitted jurisdictions and improves the player experience by working seamlessly in the background.

    With GeoComply, operators can quickly bring products to new markets and respond to regulatory changes.

    “We are partnering with GeoComply to leverage their industry-leading geolocation compliance solution. This is part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that we continue to meet and exceed the increasing demands within the DFS industry, while also continuing to innovate.”

    Paul Liberman, Draft Kings, COO
    • David Rebuck, DGE DIrector

      “GeoComply rose to the occasion and developed a system that outperformed all other geolocation suppliers.”

      David Rebuck, DGE DIrector
    • Marco Ceccarelli, Caesars Interactive, SVP & Chief Information Officer

      “Delivering a geolocation solution which is not just compliant, but also built and optimized for the player experience is a critical success factor for iGaming. GeoComply have always demonstrated that they can deliver on that under tight deadlines.”

      Marco Ceccarelli, Caesars Interactive, SVP & Chief Information Officer
    • Omer Sattar, Senior VP, Sightline Payments

      “GeoComply were able to cut our payment fraud costs by at least 85%. Their solution gave us access to more detail and data than we had ever had before for our eCommerce transactions. Their anti-fraud reports were literally good enough to take to the bank in order to win our charge back disputes!”

      Omer Sattar, Senior VP, Sightline Payments
    • Judges Panel, iGaming North America Awards

      “There is no regulated online gambling industry in the U.S. without their technology.”

      Judges Panel, iGaming North America Awards

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