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Win more chargebacks with proof beyond a doubt

GeoComply Chargeback Integrator helps bring geolocation and device insights together to generate compelling evidence reports in 60 seconds or less. Confidently win more chargebacks, regardless of size or complexity, while saving valuable time and cutting costs.
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GeoComply’s Compelling Evidence Reports are accepted by 70+ payment processors and
exceed the expectations set by Visa and Mastercard guidelines.

Don’t make yourself an easy target. Outsmart friendly fraudsters.

Fighting chargeback fraud, no matter how small the transaction, is always worth your while. GCI makes it easy, quick, and scalable to fight chargeback fraud, so you’ll never see internet forums discussing how easy it is to take advantage of your services.

Why GCI   ?

Fraudster illustration

Fraudsters lie. Geolocation and device data don’t.

When fraudsters claim they didn’t make a payment, our geolocation intelligence and device integrity reports will prove they did. Integrated with GeoComply Core, GCI gives you the historical geolocation evidence you need to win against friendly fraud.
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Generate compelling evidence reports 20X faster.

Supercharge your operations with end-to-end management from claim to dispute; you can tackle chargebacks at scale without lifting a finger. As per alternatives, creating compelling evidence reports can take 20 mins – 2 days. With GCI, generate and submit reports in less than 60 seconds.
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Time-consuming, complex, ever-changing guidelines? Handled.

It can be challenging to keep up with changing compelling evidence qualification criteria. GCI is continuously updated to meet the latest guidelines, eliminating time-consuming exchanges with payment networks.

Fight smarter

Chargeback management made simple.

Easily adapt our dispute management solution to fit your specific requirements. Decide which tasks you want automated with agile technology that scales as your business grows. Let GCI generate winning evidence in less than 60 seconds!

Prove users were within a location where they typically transact.

To effectively expose fraudsters, a comprehensive understanding of their location and history is crucial. GCI facilitates this by leveraging cross-environment historical data spanning a period of 6 months to 2 years.

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Prove fraudsters had complete control over their device when they made a transaction.

When fraudsters blame hacking or suspicious applications for making transactions, you can prove them wrong. GCI detects and gathers information that confirms the absence of device manipulation, including the use of rooted devices, fake location applications, and other spoofing tools.

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Frequently asked questions

Chargeback fraud, also known as friendly fraud, occurs when consumers fraudulently seek refunds through the chargeback process. End-users falsely dispute transactions with their bank, citing reasons such as defective or undelivered products, unauthorized transactions, or recurring charges despite cancellation requests.

Geolocation enhances your chargeback defense by providing strong evidence of a player’s disputed transaction occurrence at key locations such as home and workplace. This compelling evidence is particularly impactful when a player disputes a single transaction but has numerous transactions in that specific area from the past, suggesting potential fraud.

Compelling evidence is a persuasive report that shows the likelihood of the person filing the chargeback making the transaction themselves. It validates the cardholder’s participation, receipt of goods/services, or transaction benefits. It plays a vital role in substantiating your case and may include relevant data points like IP address or device ID.

Previously, a single matching transaction was sufficient to challenge a 10.4 chargeback. However, with Visa Compelling Evidence 3.0, two transactions within 120-365 days prior to the dispute are now required. Matching IP address or device ID, along with other data points, remain crucial components. These changes emphasize the need for advanced geolocation and historical data to meet Visa’s standards.

GeoComply runs over 350 checks on a device to analyze for suspicious activities, from spoofing apps to the device and user integrity. If this search does not find any suspicious flagged activity through the device and user profile, then you can be confident to report that this device/account was not taken over.

No , GCI only collects PCI – Player cardholder information. This includes only the player’s first, middle, last name and any addresses you have on file.

Yes, upon onboarding a client, GeoComply provides a product specialist to train the team that will be directly involved in the use of the product. We also have asynchronous courses and how-to guides that can be shared with new team members.

GCI offers end-to-end dispute resolution. This includes automatically:

  • Receiving the chargeback from the issuing bank.
  • Processing data pipeline to generate compelling evidence reports based on data retrieved from a source of your choice.
  • Distribution of the compelling evidence report back to the payment processor.
  • Reporting the resolution result.

These automations are optional and are not required to operate GCI.

Some automation features aggregate evidence based on data received from the payment processor as well as PCI information from the client. Therefore, certain features require the availability of and access to this data.

Yes, if you are automating your dispute resolution pipeline with GCI, it offers a manual review option so that you have control over which disputes to accept or reject before it is sent to the Payment Processor. If you decide not to automate, the report is available to export for you to use as desired.