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If there’s a way to spoof IPs, GeoGuard has a way to help stop it

Deter pirate viewers and cut compliance risks with VPN detection that’s been tested as 98% accurate.


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Spoofed IPs have nowhere to hide

GeoGuard is a database of over 310 million IP addresses that contain both IPv4 and IPv6 address network ranges. Continuously updated, it detects and flags a wide range of anonymizers such as VPNs, proxy servers, Tor exit nodes, hosting providers, peer-to-peer networks, and Smart DNS Proxies.


VPN blocking at the flick of a switch

GeoGuard is pre-integrated with Amazon CloudFront and Akamai so you can simply “turn on” VPN and proxy detection to help stop geo-piracy. This pre-integration offers extra protection against more sophisticated forms of content piracy and helps save on bandwidth costs. GeoComply is a member of the AWS ISV Accelerate Program.

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Unmask hijacked residential IPs

Pirate viewers are always finding new ways to bypass territorial restrictions. Their latest trick? Hijacked residential IP addresses. This allows them to sidestep VPN restrictions because streaming providers can’t risk blocking genuine users. GeoGuard differentiates between the good and the “bad” users.

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Help block IP traffic from sanctioned regions

Regulators like the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) have highlighted how VPNs are used to evade sanctions. To protect your organization from compliance risks, OFAC recommends IP address blocking controls – like GeoGuard – as a sanctions compliance best practice.


Fraudulent IP address database

Provides a dynamic, continuously updated list of IP addresses identified as fraudulent.


Advanced location spoofing

Detects advanced location spoofing techniques such as proxy over VPN and residential IP hijacking.

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Real-time rules engine

Recognizes methods of deception used to mask the true nature of fraudulent IP addresses.


Predict emerging threats

Leverages GeoGuard’s machine learning and human intelligence to predict and counter emerging threats.



A customizable geolocation solution that works with a wide range of devices and user interfaces.


Hollywood Studio-approved

Approved and recommended by major rights owners for film, TV and major sports organizations.

Deploying a VPN blocker like GeoGuard is a no-brainer – why wouldn’t you block unauthorized viewers from using your streaming service?
Thomas Thomas, Director of Engineering – Growth, E-commerce and New Value, ITV
The utility of GeoComply’s assistance to our mission is already proving itself. It is crucial that we’re able to provide the most accurate information possible to our law enforcement users. It is not an exaggeration to say that GeoGuard will literally help stop and, in some cases, even prevent the sexual abuse of a child.
Glen Pounder, VP Impact, Child Rescue Coalition
Virtual currency companies should also consider monitoring transactions and users for risk indicators or “red flags” that may indicate a sanctions nexus. Examples of risk indicators may be individuals or entities who…attempt to access a virtual currency exchange from an IP address or VPN connected to a sanctioned jurisdiction.
Office for Foreign Assets Control, U.S. Treasury Dept.
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Technical Specifications

GeoGuard offers multi-layered fraud protection against VPNs, proxies, peer-to-peer networks and other types of data manipulation.

GeoGuard makes it simple to help stop location fraud.

GeoGuard is available in the cloud via API, on-premise by download, or at the edge. Since 2018, GeoGuard has been pre-integrated with leading content delivery networks (CDNs) including Akamai and Amazon CloudFront, enabling digital platforms to simply “turn on” VPN and proxy detection.

For issues related specifically to GeoComply’s WAF Managed Rules, please get in touch with the GeoGuard Support team at
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Enhanced Proxy Detection (EPD) powered by GeoGuard

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GeoGuard – IP Fraud Detection and Protection via AWS WAF

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