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Ensuring Exclusive Content Stays Exclusive with GeoGuard

Hijacked Residential IPs
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Calling Time on Residential IP Address Hijackers

For streaming providers, upholding territorial licensing models to ensure ROI in live sports and other premium content requires effective VPN and DNS proxy detection to guard against the use of fraudulent IP addresses and advanced location spoofing techniques.

But pirates are constantly looking for new ways to access territorially restricted content. Their latest weapon: using hijacked residential IP addresses to spoof a user’s location. By hiding behind a legitimate domestic IP address, viewers can bypass VPN restrictions because streaming providers can’t take the risk of blocking genuine users.

That’s why the industry needs a way to unmask hijacked residential IP addresses.

Streaming Providers Under Attack

51 of VPN users

admit to using a VPN to access better content or entertainment, including streaming services and pay-per-view events that are not available or are more expensive locally.*

VPN providers

including Oxylabs and SmartProxy, who offer subscribers residential IPs to bypass detection.

GeoGuard protects territorial-based
business models by accurately detecting and blocking hijacked residential IP addresses used to access streaming services.

Unwitting Victims of Streaming Piracy

GeoComply estimates:

200 M+ internet users worldwide are the victims of residential proxy IP abuse and unknowingly contribute to streaming piracy.

Residential IP addresses are hijacked during cyber-attacks, or harvested when users sign up for a free VPN or DNS proxy service without reading the terms and conditions, allowing the VPN provider to then sublease and sell the IP address.

Putting Pay to the Free-Riders

In an industry breakthrough, GeoComply has developed a new module for its GeoGuard VPN blocking solution that can differentiate between a real subscriber sitting at home and an unwanted user free-riding from anywhere around the world on someone else’s IP. By stopping these advanced attacks, GeoGuard ensures territorial-based business models remain protected.


Hollywood-approved gold standard and recommended by major rights owners for film, TV and live sports.


Independently rated 99.6% effective in detecting VPNs.

Fully Integrated

Fully integrated at the CDN level including with Akamai and AWS CloudFront.

1 Source: GWI.

If you want to block out-of-territory viewers, curb the growing problem of hijacked residential IPs, and find out more about the use and abuse of VPNs, please get in touch for more information:

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