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Proxy Over VPN – A New Challenge For OTT Services

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Kingsmead Security White Paper

VPN vendors are constantly looking for new ways to circumvent territorial restrictions on content. When it comes to targeting high-value content from specific premium OTT broadcasters, they have upped their games with a new tactic: Proxy over VPN. 

If you’re streaming premium content, then your OTT service has likely been targeted by Proxy over VPN attacks. 

This “double spoofing” approach is much harder to detect than other IP spoofing methods and helps content pirates slip through your current defences.  

This white paper covers:

  • How VPN vendors are using custom solutions for targeted attacks on premium OTT broadcasters.
  • How Proxy over VPN is often combined with other location spoofing techniques such as hijacked residential IPs and IPv6 addresses.
  • Best practices for integrating advanced VPN and proxy detection into your content protection tech stack.

Whether you’re a studio, rights holder, sports league, OTT broadcaster or a content producer, this is a white paper you won’t want to miss! 

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