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Money laundering  is a $113 billion problem 

And that’s just in Canada. Lead the way in AML compliance in your corner of the world.
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*Based on historical performance

Detect and mitigate your AML compliance risks in real time


Protect against current and emerging AML compliance risks

AML compliance is impossible without knowing where your high-risk customers are. GeoComply helps by:

  • Pinpointing customers’ true location to within meters using accurate geolocation.
  • Detecting location spoofing and device tampering. We run hundreds of location data, device integrity, and identity fraud checks on every geolocation transaction.

See the full picture of your AML risks

Visualize suspicious patterns that may indicate money laundering or fraud, such as one device associated with multiple users. GeoComply uses machine learning and robust risk engines to detect and block suspicious patterns and behaviors in real time.

Money laundering is a complex crime. Fighting it just got easier.

Learn how GeoComply helps strengthen AML compliance.

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