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GeoGuard is 99.6% accurate at detecting anonymous IPs, according to independent consultancy firm Kingsmead Security.

Yes! GeoGuard is recognised and approved by the major Hollywood studios and sports leagues.

We are always monitoring the market to identify troublesome VPNs, so the number we track varies over time but is usually around 250.

Yes! Our database of IPv6 addresses is continually growing as we discover more and more VPNs using them.

Yes! We have been monitoring the use of hi-jacked residential IPs for the past few years. Since 2022 we have seen a dramatic uptick in the number of VPNs using these IP addresses to target online services. GeoGuard can not only detect a user on a compromised IP address, but can tell whether the user behind the residential IP is the legitimate user or a user on a VPN.

We have made integrating GeoGuard as easy as possible by offering several options:

  • API for querying IP addresses
  • Downloadable database
  • Enhanced Proxy Detection, provided by our partner Akamai
  • WAF rule on AWS, available to purchase through AWS Marketplace.

Yes! Akamai, AWS, Limelight and more coming soon!

  • Usage based, only pay for what you use
  • Unlimited, a fixed fee for all you can eat

We have customers across a number of verticals including iGaming, Media & Entertainment, FinTech and Crypto. Customers include Draftkings, Amazon Prime Video and the BBC, and many more!

We remove anonymous IP addresses from GeoGuard once we find they are no longer being used by VPNs. This ensures legitimate users are not impacted. GeoGuard is used by our customers to service around a billion users every day so keep false positives to an absolute minimum is extremely important to us.

CSV, MMDB which is a binary format allowing for fast processing, and Zip file format.

GeoComply is the world leader for accurate location data. GeoGuard detects anonymous IP addresses. In addition, we offer a service which provides location data based on a user’s IP address – sometimes referred to GeoIP data. Beyond this, GeoComply offers pinpoint accurate geolocation of a user through products including Solus, Core and PinPoint.

Yes! GeoGuard detects a range of anonymous IP addresses including VPNs, Public proxies, DNS Proxys and Tor exit nodes.

There are many legitimate uses for VPNs. As such, GeoGuard carefully differentiates between good and bad anonymous IPs. Corporate VPNs are considered good and are therefore not recommended for blocking.

Yes! From our 11 offices around the world we offer 24/7/365 support to ensure we are there for our customer whenever they need us.