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GeoGuard: Your ultimate solution for VPN detection

Effortlessly identify and block IP spoofing technology.
Secure your network and prevent fraud with accurate location verification.


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GeoGuard by the numbers

300 million+

fraudulent IP address database

Extensive database to safeguard your operations.


unmatched VPN detection accuracy

Exceptional precision in identifying VPN usage.


near-perfect false positive rate

Minimized disruption with highly accurate filtering.

Your ultimate solution for VPN detection

  • 97.9% precision in IP spoofing detection
    Stay ahead with GeoGuard’s top-tier spoofing detection.
  • Seamless user experience
    Zero disruptions with our ~0% false positive rate.
  • Custom defense
    Control your settings for optimal user flow without disruptions to your users.
  • Fair pricing
    Only pay for the protection you need.


Stay ahead of threats with GeoGuard’s advanced protection


Anonymous IP address database

Our constantly evolving database identifies anonymous IP addresses, ensuring you’re always ahead of threats. Your security is our priority.


Advanced IP address spoofing detection

With GeoGuard, counter sophisticated spoofing methods including VPNs, Proxy, Smart DNS Proxy, Tor Exit Nodes, Proxy over VPN, and Residential Proxy. Experience robust protection in a challenging digital landscape.


Adaptive countermeasures

Our real-time adaptive rules engine evolves with threats, assuring uncompromised security for your platform.

Facing these common challenges? We’ve got solutions.



In the fintech world, hiding one’s location using VPNs and similar tech often flags up fraud risks. GeoGuard leads the charge against such deceit, with our advanced detection systems quickly identifying and stopping these identity-hiding efforts. This proactive approach not only boosts your platform’s security but also deepens user trust by ensuring every interaction is genuine.

Struggling with users who access your services from geographically restricted locations? GeoGuard specializes in tackling this by detecting and blocking VPN services used to simulate presence in authorized areas. This ensures compliance with regional access regulations and secures your service against location-based fraud and misuse. With GeoGuard, maintain the integrity of geographically-controlled services effortlessly.

GeoGuard streamlines your KYC process by verifying the authenticity of location data. We’re on the lookout to catch and stop any location falsification, reinforcing your KYC procedures and safeguarding your platform. With GeoGuard, rest assured your verification is comprehensive, keeping your platform welcoming for legitimate users and fortified against potential bad actors.

GeoGuard addresses the challenge of fraudsters who commonly use VPNs to sidestep security protocols. Many companies attempt to block access by blacklisting known malicious IP addresses associated with fraudulent behavior. Yet, this method falls short as determined fraudsters manipulate their IP address via VPNs, skirting around these bans. GeoGuard excels in detecting and nullifying such VPN use, ensuring that your security measures remain robust against these tactics and maintaining the integrity of your digital environment.

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