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Navigating the Shift for Fraud


Are you and your team prepared to launch into the new and improved Hub?

Join Peter Feddema on November 30th at 10 am PST as he delivers insights and best practices
for investigating and analyzing users and devices in your New Hub.

We will focus primarily on the recent migration from the Legacy Hub to the New Hub.
This session covers the New Hub as a whole and some of the individual pieces it ties together,
including IAM, CMS, and Explorer and how to use them together.

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Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create and manage accounts for your team
  • Access our new tools all in one place
  • Manage reports and investigations
  • Investigate users and devices
  • Analyze the link between multiple users/devices
  • Block and unblock users
Upon registration, you’ll be sent invites to the live session and the on-demand recording.
Peter Feddema
Fraud & Risk Trainer