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Meet GeoComply. Your game-changer for online fraud


Discover the power of advanced geolocation intelligence. Enhance your anti-fraud arsenal with accurate insights that tell you exactly who and where your customers are.

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Your all-in-one solution for

Icon 01 fraudulent chargebacks

Fraudulent chargebacks

Save time and cut costs with compelling evidence reports that can be generated in 60 seconds or less.

Icon 02 promotion abuse

Promotion abuse

Protect your revenue streams by detecting and blocking suspicious patterns in real-time, including multi-accounting and synthetic identity theft.

Icon 03 account takeovers

Account takeovers

Use precise geolocation insights to protect your users by flagging suspicious login areas and travel distances within a certain period of time.

Icon 04 account creation fraud

Account creation fraud

Block potential fraud before it happens with geolocation insights that can create accurate multi-user reports and visualize high-risk addresses.

Icon 05 location spoofing

Geolocation spoofing

Identify early signs of potential fraud by detecting sophisticated location spoofing tools, such as VPNs, proxies, remote desktops, Wi-Fi emulators and more.

GeoComply cut our payment fraud costs by at least 85%. They give us access to more detail and data for our ecommerce transactions than we’ve ever had before. The anti-fraud reports were literally good enough to take to the bank in order to win our chargeback disputes.
— Omer Sattar, Co-Founder and EVP

Elevate your anti-fraud defenses with our end-to-end fraud detection and protection solution

Combining our proprietary technology with over a decade of refined data, GeoComply offers a range of solutions to ensure you are accurately pinpointing fraud and protecting your users.
Multi User Reports

Multi-user reports

Receive an alert when a device is associated with an unusually high number of account holders that surpasses your personalized risk threshold.

Bonus Hunters Reports

Bonus hunters reports

Pinpoint locations with an abnormal concentration of users and devices, based on your own unique threshold level adjusted to meet your risk tolerance.

Global High Risk Location Dashboard

Global high-risk location dashboard

Flag and visualize known areas of fraud by using the Global High-Risk Location Dashboard to effectively monitor high-risk areas.

Customizable Autoblock Capabilities

Customizable autoblock capabilities

Proactively block fraudulent accounts and devices with rules to fit your security strategy and risk appetite.

Unparalleled Fraud Knowledge and Resources

Unparalleled fraud knowledge and resources

Receive comprehensive support for your fraud and payment teams, such as aiding investigations, reducing threats and minimizing potential revenue losses.

Built on over a decade of data and trust

Performance and reliability are at the core of what we do. Leverage our end-to-end fraud detection and protection solution to ensure the integrity of your platform and your users.

Leverages advanced machine learning to analyze billions of historical and real-time transactions. Identifies new fraud trends and activities to update existing security measures.

Processes 1 billion geolocation checks each month, maintaining exceptional uptime, availability and service quality.

Supports all environments, with SDKs for desktop, mobile apps, and web browsers. End-to-end encryption secures customer data and deters hackers.

Combines proprietary technology with multiple geolocation signals, including Wi-Fi, GPS and GSM, to augment location insights and identify high risk fraud areas. Detects advanced location spoofing methods, such as VPNs, data centers, anonymizers, proxies, Tor exit nodes, remote desktop detection, Wi-Fi emulators, and GPS spoofing.

Analyzes various forms of suspicious device activity, such as jailbroken devices, fake location apps and emulators.

Detects when there are multiple users on one account, multiple accounts tied to one user or unusual location sign-ins, potentially indicating identity fraud.


Dive into the specifics

A seamless location verification process in milliseconds

  1. Collect data from a user’s device: GPS, GSM, WiFi, plus IP addresses.
  2. Verify location accuracy. Our rules engine runs hundreds of location data, device integrity, and identity fraud checks on every geolocation transaction to detect suspicious activity.
  3. Combine real-time and historical data to detect and flag patterns of location fraud. Our models are constantly updated with the use of machine learning and human intelligence.

* Based on historical performance


About GeoComply

GeoComply provides anti-fraud and cybersecurity solutions that prevent and detect fraud and help verify a user’s true digital identity. Trusted by leading brands and regulators for over 10 years, the company’s geolocation solutions are installed on over 400 million devices and analyze over 12 billion transactions every year.

Specializing in compliance-grade geolocation technology, GeoComply offers AML, compliance and fraud solutions for the banking, cryptocurrency, payments, iGaming and media and entertainment industries, building an impressive list of customers, including Akamai, Amazon Prime Video, BBC, Nextdoor, Luno, DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM and over a hundred more companies globally.