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Is Sky Sports Formula One Price Drop A Race to the Bottom?

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With the recent price drop of Sky Sports F1 channel from €18 to €11.50, we ask: did Sky fall victim to F1 TV’s lack of territorial protection for their premium OTT rightsholders? With access to F1 TV selling for as low as $6.99 USD per month in Mexico, and with no VPN blocking by F1 TV that we can see, viewers from anywhere in world can virtually shop around for the best deal to access this high value, live sports content. Without a tightening down by F1 to this form of geo-piracy, can we expect Sky Sports to continuously “price match” each year to the lowest cost option? Stay tuned, as the race to the bottom is heating up! Check out the video by OTT expert Colin Dixon, on how easy it was for him to access F1 TV from the US via a VPN, a region where F1 TV was supposed to be blocked and unavailable.

Watch it here.

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