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Hiding in Plain Sight

HidingI in Plain Sight
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Fighting online child sexual exploitation with VPN and proxy detection

Millions of people around the world use anonymizing tools, such as virtual private networks (VPNs), Tor and proxies. Despite all the benefits the internet has brought to the world, online anonymity has made it easier for online offenders to hide in plain sight.

We are experiencing a crisis in the rise of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) hosting, with over a quarter million new URLs containing CSAM in the past 12 months.

Technical solutions are needed for child safety, to enhance the data available to law enforcement for investigations, and create avenues for collaboration between organizations fighting CSAM. 

This whitepaper explains how VPN and proxy detection tools, like GeoGuard, can offer support to non-profits and law enforcement fighting online child sexual exploitation (OCSE). Removing CSAM and identifying offenders is a hugely complex task, requiring a unified approach to make the internet safer for all. 

Download this white paper to:

  • Understand how OCSE offenders exploit online anonymizing tools like VPNs, Tor, and proxies 
  • Discover the scale of harm caused by unchecked online anonymity 
  • Learn about new tools for VPN and proxy detection and their benefits to law enforcement investigations 
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