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First Look at Four Weeks of NFL Action – Sports Betting Volumes Continue to Break Records

After four weeks of NFL action, sports betting volumes continue to break records
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October 4, 2021 (Vancouver, BC) – After the first four weeks of the 2021/22 NFL season, sports betting volume continues to break records in the U.S.

With more states offering legal online betting and the migration of players to legal sportsbooks, the first four weeks of the NFL season has produced the highest number of geolocation transactions ever recorded by GeoComply.

According to the data collected and analyzed by GeoComply, there were 330 million geolocation transactions across 18 states and the District of Columbia, for the first four weeks of the season, ending Sunday October 3. This represents a 122% increase from the same period of the 2020 NFL season when GeoComply processed 149 million transactions.

GeoComply supports nearly 100% of the U.S. online sports betting market for geolocation compliance.

The data also reconfirms the states with the highest volume of transactions were:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Michigan
  • Arizona
  • Illinois

“We’re excited to see the growth of sports betting from the first NFL weekend has carried over to the first four weeks of the season,” says Lindsay Slader, Managing Director of Gaming at GeoComply. “The data also confirms the first week in Arizona was not just a one-off, but that the state has solidified its place as the fourth largest sports betting market in the U.S. With more states poised to come online in the coming weeks and months, we expect growth will continue to accelerate through 2021 and 2022.”

Charts Below:

Total Volume NFL Transactions First 4 Weeks 2021

Top 5 States by Volume NFL 2021

Top 10 States by Volume NFL 2021

GeoComply plans to release its data periodically throughout the 2021/2022 sports calendar to help inform insight and discussions about the U.S. sports betting industry.

About GeoComply Solutions Inc.

GeoComply provides fraud prevention and cybersecurity solutions that detect location fraud and help verify a user’s true digital identity. Our award-winning products are based on the technologies developed for the highly regulated and complex U.S. online gaming and sports betting market. Beyond iGaming, GeoComply provides geolocation fraud detection solutions for streaming video broadcasters and the online banking, payments and cryptocurrency industries, building an impressive list of global customers including Amazon Prime Video, BBC, Akamai, Sightline, DraftKings, FanDuel and MGM.

The company’s software is installed on over 400 million devices worldwide and analyzes over 3 billion transactions a year, placing GeoComply in a unique position to identify and counter both current and newly emerging fraud threats.

Proven and refined over 10 years of development, GeoComply’s solutions incorporate location, device and identity intelligence along with advanced machine learning to detect and flag fraudulent activity. By integrating GeoComply’s solutions into their processes and risk engines, organizations are able to identify fraud earlier in a user’s engagement, better establish their true digital identity and empower digital trust.

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