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In Crypto? Level Up Your OFAC Sanctions Compliance
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Protect your profits from friendly fraud

Increase your chargeback win rate by up to 60% using geolocation history as compelling evidence.
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Proof beyond a doubt in 60 seconds

When a customer claims they didn’t shop online or place a bet, our compelling evidence reports prove they did, with in-depth evidence that helps you win disputes and avoid costly, time-consuming chargebacks. Reports are generated in as little as one minute.


Double the evidence

GeoComply helps prove your case in two ways: 1: With device integrity to help detect remote desktop apps, rooted devices or spoofing apps were installed. 2: With geolocation history to prove users were within a zone where they typically transact.

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End-to-end chargeback management

Enhance your chargeback representments with an industry-leading chargeback management system that automatically delivers properly formatted compelling evidence reports.


Cross-environment historical data

Pulls GeoComply transaction data from all environments for a period of at least six months up to two years.


Automated analysis pipelines

Everything from data collection to final PDF report generation can be automatic.


Third-party integrations

Our integrations with key partners allow for GCI to send dispute responses directly into the payment networks.


Expandability & modular design

GCI allows for greater flexibility and is easily customizable to meet specific customer or payment needs.


Always up-to-date

GCI automatically updates to support the latest chargeback rules from card issuers.

GeoComply cut our payment fraud costs by at least 85%. They give us access to more detail and data for our ecommerce transactions than we’ve ever had before. The anti-fraud reports were literally good enough to take to the bank in order to win our chargeback disputes.
Omer Sattar, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Sightline Payments

Discover how to beat chargeback fraud.

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