GeoComply Core

The most intelligent solution for location fraud security

Increase location accuracy for digital identity verification, fraud detection and regulatory compliance.

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  • 2.3B+

    transactions analyzed per year, and growing

  • 400M+

    installations on devices, worldwide

  • 60+

    data analysis experts on staff

GeoComply Core provides advanced location-based fraud detection and geolocation compliance tools for even the most highly regulated markets.

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    Optimize revenue

    Increase acceptance rates for legitimate users and stop fraud.

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    Comply with location requirements

    Verify user location and check it against compliance rules to ensure the user is in the permitted area/zone.

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    Verify location accuracy

    Combine device, location and identity intelligence to verify and validate location authenticity.

  • GeoComply Core verifies location accuracy, stops fraudulent users and alerts for suspicious activity. A seamless location verification in milliseconds.

    • Core product

      Gathers multi-source location data.

      Collects geolocation signals from multiple sources, including: GPS, WiFi, GSM, browser/HTML5 and IP address.

    • 350 checks

      Verifies location accuracy.

      Our rules engine runs over 350 checks on every transaction to analyze suspicious activities – from spoofing apps to device and user integrity.

    • GeoComply Core Product

      Analyzes location behavior.

      Combine real-time and historical data to detect and flag patterns of location fraud. Our models are constantly updated with the use of machine learning and human intelligence.


    GeoComply Core identifies and stops a wide variety of location non-compliance and fraud, involving user accounts, payments and other user transactions.

    Key features

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      Historical risk engine

      Sophisticated machine learning assesses fraud hotspots and constantly updates existing rules against new threats.

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      Device integrity and intelligence

      Creates a device fingerprint by analyzing all forms of fraudulent device activity such as jailbroken devices, fake location apps and emulators.

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      User integrity and intelligence

      Protects against fraudulent activities associated with users such as location jumping, account sharing and account takeover.

    • location

      Location intelligence

      Combines all geolocation signals available, such as WiFi, GPS and GSM, with existing technology to augment the value of location data.

    • shield

      IP integrity

      Identifies sophisticated location spoofing methods such as VPNs, data centers, anonymizers, proxies and Tor exit nodes.

    • computer

      Client portal

      Provides all the insights GeoComply Core offers from one single web portal.

      Check out GeoComply Hub

    A solution for every use case

    Fast SDK integration for the greatest accuracy

    GeoComply Core SDKs provide end-to-end location collection and verification. Collecting device information allows location accuracy to be verified and provides enhanced visibility into installed applications, running processes, device settings and other touchpoints used to determine fraud and malicious behavior.


    Location detection for web browser applications

    GeoComply Core JS is designed to counter the emerging fraud and compliance threats within browser-based applications. 

    Embedded into any webpage with a single JavaScript file, it provides low-barrier location detection with a flexible user experience (UX).

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    An enterprise-grade solution to protect and support your business

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      Compliance at its core

      Built to meet the rigorous compliance requirements of the highly regulated U.S. iGaming industry.

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      Security and privacy

      End-to-end encryption methods are leveraged to protect user data and deter malicious hackers.

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      Performance and reliability

      GeoComply Core processes over 5 million transactions per minute with 99.9% uptime.

    Trusted by the world’s most respected platforms for location compliance and fraud detection

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