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Learn from the experts to take the mystery out of launching your gaming business in the US
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Uncover the impact and boost the value of ad campaigns

GeoComply Edge brings you the commercial insights of curiosity and learning you need to stay ahead of your competition.
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Edge out the competition with supercharged commercial insights

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Want to spend less on advertising but grow faster?

Our geolocation data gives our customers free access to the most optimized and targeted insights into the effectiveness of their own ad and marketing campaigns.

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How much is a stadium sponsorship really worth?

Combine your Designated Market Area (DMA) schedule and stadium sponsorship data with GeoComply’s geolocation transaction data. Then track the activation and effectiveness of each ad from user transaction data and view it all on a convenient dashboard.

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Want to connect customer lifetime value to the TV ad that recruited them without a promo code?

GeoComply Edge not only shows you the impact of each TV/radio ad spot, it can actually connect the unique players acquired from that ad. This allows you to calculate long-term ROMI from those players’ LTV against the cost of that specific ad spot.

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Convert players into high-value customers

Skyrocket conversions by optimizing campaigns and models to deliver the best ROI from your ad campaigns.

Maximize your ad spend and the efficacy of offline marketing


Identify when your stadium marketing works best

Understand the effectiveness of in-stadium sponsorships at different days and times.


Avoid costly delays

Take attribution modeling into your own hands and bypass delays of ROMI reporting.


Earn more money by spending more wisely

Drive more revenue by understanding real-time market share transaction data.


Make your creative count

Enhance loyalty by optimizing your ads with the most effective creative that speaks directly to your audience.


Redirect your resources

Save time and money by decreasing expensive and ineffective offline advertising spend.

Ready to boost the value of your ad campaigns?

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