GeoComply Hub

Your single source for location fraud intelligence

Make fast, accurate decisions with historical and real-time location data and analysis.

Take the reins in protecting your business against location fraud.

  • shield check

    Make informed decisions

    Combine user, device and location intelligence data to define the right risk level for your business.

  • shield

    Protect your business

    Access detailed information of every transaction to support audit trail transparency and insight.

  • user check

    Increase user acceptance rates

    Identify users who failed preventive location checks and provide tailored troubleshooting steps to bring them back.

  • shield check

    GeoComply Hub gives you all the location insights you need to detect and prevent fraud.

  • user risk

    Define the user risk level.

    Get information on the user’s risk level: low, medium or high. GeoComply’s risk algorithm analyzes a user’s behavior based on historical data and persistent patterns of suspicious activities.

  • suspicious activity

    Get to the bottom of all suspicious activities.

    Gain insight into whether a user poses a potential risk and should be blocked, or whether they inadvertently broke anti-fraud rules due to lack of awareness of what is considered a suspicious activity.

  • high risk user

    Auto-block users based on their behavior.

    Visualize any transaction or records that were auto-blocked upon reaching a specific risk level. Get informative details on when and why the block occurred, the device information and much more. Revisit auto-block rules as needed.

  • Key features

    • tune alt

      Configurable rules

      Set rules to auto-block users, create fail and pass alerts, and run location checks periodically.

    • check circle

      Transaction monitoring

      Review all transaction and location checks in real-time. See the status of each transaction (pass or fail), and the reasoning behind it.

    • map

      Boundary configuration

      Configure inclusion and/or exclusion zones to meet business or regulatory requirements.

    • rotate

      Chargeback report

      Fight chargeback claims/payment disputes by generating a report that shows the location and device used for all of a user’s transactions within a certain timeframe.

    • alert

      Suspicious activity report

      Get an analysis of a user’s behavior based on their historical data. Recognize a user’s persistent suspicious patterns and determine their threat level.

    • pages

      Dashboard and reporting

      Access out-of-the-box reports, including suspicious activity, chargeback and false negative reports. Custom reports are always available upon request.

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