Your All-in-one KYC and AML solution

Get the highest verification rates without the friction and cost – in one award-winning solutions.

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Our Benefits

  • Easy to integrate
  • No monthly or annual volume commitment
  • No integration or licensing fees
  • No minimum spend
  • One single price, multiple vendors

Delight your customers every step of the way

  • Android-Phone

    Ease customer onboarding

    Use best UX practices like automated verification for successful consumer onboarding and reduced fail rates.

  • scan id

    Simplify digital ID verification

    IDComply automatically collects data from photo IDs, which are easily verified with selfies – ideal for “thin-file” customers.

  • shield check

    Protect their privacy

    IDComply only stores anonymized applicant data as the GUPI (Global Unique Player Identifier).

  • Move from a single vendor of ID and age verification to a multi-vendor model, through one API call

    id comply

    Glean key insights with real-time analytics and compliance tools

    • Dashboard

      Monitor and improve performance

      See the “why” behind your pass rates – and increase them by identifying and fixing problem areas. Our experts and dashboards show you how.

    • Mutiple-User-Check

      Lighten your compliance load

      Check customers against the most upto-date KYC requirements, and in multiple jurisdictions,

    • Shield-Transfer

      Get AML and enhanced due diligence

      Safeguard consumer transactions with real-time risk screening – including sanctions and blacklist screenings, and customer profiling features.

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    Get customers into the action quicker with hassle-free KYC

    Find more ways to say “yes”

    Get the highest possible age and identity verification rates through a waterfall workflow. This process checks multiple vendors and data sources – all through one API call.


    Decrease time to value

    Integrate faster with ongoing support from our experts. Get the best KYC data sources and processors from our ever-growing list to verify more customers, sooner. Our partners offer:

    • Data verification
    • Knowledge-based authentication
    • Phone identity verification
    • ID photo verification

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