Frictionless location fraud detection

Detect and stop location fraud in milliseconds.

RiskGuard helps organizations easily identify and prevent a wide variety of fraud including chargeback fraud, account sharing, card-not-present (CNP) fraud and account takeovers.

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    Reduce fraud costs

    Combat sophisticated location fraud schemes that are not detected by existing GeoIP solutions such as account takeover and bot detection.

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    Mitigate transaction fraud

    Increase your ability to detect real fraud while reducing false positives, and false negatives, with embedded location checks.

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    Enrich your risk modeling

    Enhance existing fraud and risk management models with advanced location data signals.

  • RiskGuard uses both a real-time and a historical risk engine to identify and flag potential fraudulent activity.

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    Key features

    • location cancel

      Location spoofing

      Identifies sophisticated location spoofing methods such as VPNs, data centers, anonymizers, proxies and Tor exit nodes.

    • user circle

      Account takeover

      Detects whether an account was taken over by hackers after a long period of dormancy.

    • home

      Synthetic identity

      Detects when “home” location data from a smartphone is being spoofed as part of a synthetic identity at account creation.

    • pin

      Location jumping

      Detects whether a user/device jumps a long distance in a short period of time.

    • $ refund

      Chargeback fraud

      Provides historical location information of a device and/or a user when defending chargeback disputes.

    • fingerprint

      Fraud fingerprint

      Creates a fingerprint for each location fraud method identified. You can flag future transactions with similar behavior.

    A frictionless, configurable and low-touch location fraud solution

  • Speed

    No end-user friction

    Processes all data and cross-checks against pre-existing patterns of identity fraud in milliseconds.

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    Fully customizable

    You can define the amount of user data shared, the types of flags generated and fraudulent activities you want to identify and stop.

  • power

    Quick time to value

    Get a fast return on investment with an API-based, easy-to-implement solution.

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