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Core for Fraud

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Next-Gen, Anti-Fraud Solution.

Identify early signs of fraud to protect your assets and players throughout the entire player funnel.

Mitigating fraud at any stage of the player funnel can be a huge operational expense. Additionally, existing anti-fraud solutions often fall short, lacking comprehensive visibility into fraudulent activities across the entire player journey. They also fail to offer robust device and location identification capabilities


Identify fraudulent activities across the entire player journey to expedite fraud detection and prevention.

Detect fraudulent payments, block suspicious accounts, deter bonus abuse and account takeovers, restrict proxy betting, and combat chargebacks.

Allow your fraud agents to prioritize users who require further investigation based on their user risk score.



With enhanced device location analysis, and a wide range of signals to flag fraud, your fraud team can detect suspicious events faster across the player journey.

With strong fraud tools, including a robust ATO model, your fraud team can prevent unauthorized transactions, identify compromised accounts, and detect account sharing and proxy betting.

Use automated blocks based on thresholds to block high-risk users and flag medium-risk users for review to significantly reduce decision fatigue.

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