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The 5 Geolocation Capabilities Crypto Businesses Need to Solve Compliance

Discover what’s possible with next-generation geolocation security
Cryptocurrency regulations are getting stricter – and more complicated – with every passing year. And regulators aren’t hesitating to hand out fines adding up to millions when exchanges, wallets, and other virtual asset companies aren’t compliant.

If you operate across multiple jurisdictions, or have users around the world, it can be even harder to keep track of exactly what you’re supposed to be complying with.

Understanding exactly who uses your platform, and where they’re based, is the first step to understanding which rules and sanctions apply to each transaction. But how do you reliably find that information?

Discover compliance-grade geolocation security
Checking IP addresses may be the most popular method – but it’s too easy to manipulate.
Leading crypto businesses are turning their attention to geolocation security, which combines device data, geofencing, and anti-spoofing analytics to ensure every customer is exactly who and where they say they are.
Get our white paper to explore the 5 capabilities you need to stay compliant – and how geolocation security can deliver them:
1. Block users in high-risk or sanctioned jurisdictions
2. Spot VPN use and other regulatory red flags
3. Strengthen KYC verification
4. Support the fight against financial crime
5. Attract and protect banking and payments partners