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Does the end of IP-based geo-blocking mean the end to VPNs used for geo-piracy?

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We received an interesting and somewhat misguided response in the form of an article to the recent testimony of our sister company GeoComply regarding the Michigan House of Representatives Regulatory Reform Committee, on the role of advanced geolocation technology, including VPN and other anti-spoofing detection, to ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations. While the article’s author fails to fully grasp what it is we do, it does show the existential threat that moving away from IP address based geo-blocking poses to the VPN industry; an industry which makes the majority its money from enabling geo-piracy. However, the author does accurately raise the issue that upholding IP based geo-blocking will likely become more challenging with the advent of both residential and decentralized VPN services. You can read the article at this link and if you’re interested, view the testimony of GeoComply on the video.

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