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Why user experience is key to success in Ontario’s iGaming market

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As the first province in Canada to launch a licensed and regulated iGaming market, Ontario has seen plenty of competitive product offerings. With total gaming revenue reaching just over $1.4B CAD in year one, as reported by Deloitte, the Ontario market is not only making significant contributions to the Canadian economy, it’s bringing innovation to gaming as a whole. 

Ontario’s market launch has attracted operators from around the world and created a highly competitive market. Now more than ever, operators need to think strategically and assess the factors that can make or break their success when going head-to-head with the world’s strongest brands. 

Fortunately, there’s consensus on what operators can focus on to improve gross gaming revenue immediately. 

2023 07 NDBS text

User experience is top priority for Ontario players 

To onboard and retain customers successfully, it is essential to understand where their priorities lie. Research shows that there are clear differences between players in different regions, especially when it comes to user experience and user interface (UX/UI).

In the case of iGaming, UX/UI refers to how a player interacts with and experiences a betting platform. This includes geolocation verification, app responsiveness, and the speed and ease with which a player can place their bets. 

A survey conducted by Betting Hero found that 58% of Ontarians highlighted UX/UI as the primary reason why they chose one app over another. Comparatively, only 43% and 37% of players in New York and New Jersey, respectively said that UX/UI was a primary reason for selecting an app. 

Additional studies by Betting Hero found that 77% of North American bettors would be willing to leave their current app of choice for an improved experience elsewhere. It’s clear that operators, vendors, and affiliates must prioritize improving UX/UI to attract and retain players. 

Data graphic representing that "77% of North American bettors leave their current apps for an improved experience"

Balancing user experience with compliance

Ensuring your operations comply with regulations depends on your users providing specific data and completing tasks that verify who and where they are. It’s a demand you must make at one of the most critical stages of the customer journey: onboarding. 

While it is common to request basic customer information when first using any platform in any industry, regulated industries like iGaming must take these asks one step further. For example, requiring a player to download a separate application (or companion app) for compliance reasons. As a result, onboarding becomes a tricky balancing act. 

Ask too little, and you’ll be faced with fines and reputational damage. Ask too much, and you create user friction that pushes potential customers to look for simpler platforms. 

Illustration of a stressed guy throwing phone away representing how a bad user experience can turn into a seamless one with NDBS

Finding a balance requires more than just having an internal UX/UI team that works on your gaming platform. The third-party solutions you integrate with your platform to meet your compliance needs must also be built with user experience in mind. With the right integration, the tedious demands and requests you’re required to make can turn into seamless onboarding steps that allow users to begin playing quickly.

A smooth user experience will help you sustain a player’s excitement about the prospect of a new game rather than putting the brakes on and potentially turning them off. 

No Download, No Problems

While solutions like GeoComply Core exist to improve user experience on mobile and desktop apps, user experience for players on web browsers has been a different kind of challenge.

Asking users to download a separate app to verify their location and identity may seem mandatory. However, now, there is a new solution that allows you to remove this step in the process entirely. 

Illustration of a guy with a phone representing granting location access for the NDBS solution

The No-Download Browser Solution (NDBS) is a geolocation verification solution built for web browsers. It allows players to validate their location with one click without leaving the page or downloading a companion app. 

And it’s the best of both worlds. Easy for your team to set up and easy for your players to use. With a streamlined user experience and the ability to customize troubleshooting messages, you’re able to effectively increase pass rates and grow your gross gaming revenue. 

Though it may appear like a lightweight solution for users, the No-Download Browser Solution was built with accuracy, stability, and reliability like all other GeoComply products

Behind the scenes, NDBS monitors a player’s location and detects location spoofing tools such as VPNs, data centers, anonymizers, proxies and Tor exit nodes. Detecting these tools can be invaluable in the fight against fraud. 

Using billions of historical transactions and recorded fraud hotspots, rules that protect against new threats are constantly updated to ensure the No-Download Browser Solution keeps you both compliant, profitable, and safe.

Book a demo to learn more about how you can improve your iGaming user experience with the No-Download Browser Solution.

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