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GeoGuard Delivers Effective Fraud Prevention for Payment Provider Hopscotch

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Hopscotch seamlessly implemented GeoGuard via the AWS marketplace, immediately catching fraudulent activity

February 6, 2023 (Vancouver, BC): GeoComply today announced how Hopscotch, the all-in-one payments platform, implemented GeoGuard, GeoComply’s VPN detection solution to block illicit users resulting in fraud prevention and protection from financial losses for Hopscotch.

Hopscotch’s corporate pillars include holding themselves to the highest standards of security. The Hopscotch team was hindered by fraudsters attacking their services which directed energy and focus away from strengthening their core product features. 

”It’s not uncommon for young FinTech companies to experience higher volumes of fraud attempts. With that in mind, platform security has always been paramount to our team. We recognized early on the importance of working with third-party security providers to help us proactively protect our users and growing community,” said Nitin Goel, Senior DevOps Lead at Hopscotch. “With GeoGuard, we’re able to reduce and quickly neutralize the volume of threats, giving us more time to focus on shipping features.” 

Needing a solution to assist with fraud detection, Hopscotch found and implemented GeoGuard through the Amazon Web Service (AWS) marketplace. “It was easy to integrate GeoGuard through AWS. We just needed to subscribe and add the product to our fence. GeoComply’s comprehensive product support made the integration process seamless,” said Goel. 

GeoGuard is a database of over 270 million IP addresses containing IPv4 and IPv6 address network ranges. Continuously updated, it detects and flags a wide range of anonymisers such as VPNs, proxy servers, Tor exit nodes, hosting providers, peer-to-peer networks, and Smart DNS Proxies, capturing fraudulent activity.

Goel remarked, “GeoGuard has had a measurable impact on our ability to protect our business. We trust GeoGuard will continue to deliver as a defense solution and help protect our company as the cyber-risk landscape evolves.” 

“It’s rewarding to hear that Hopscotch has been able to combat financial fraud quickly, leveraging GeoGuard,” said GeoComply Director of Business Development, Mahmoud El Shennawy. “The fact that FinTech companies can self-serve through AWS marketplace and implement and utilise the power of our solutions instantly to identify and fight fraud is an effective user experience, and one we’re proud to offer.”

About GeoComply

Founded in 2011, GeoComply provides fraud prevention and cybersecurity solutions that detect location fraud and help verify a user’s true digital identity. Trusted by leading brands and regulators for the past 10 years, the company’s fraud and compliance solutions are approved by dozens of regulators, are installed on over 400 million devices and analyze over 10 billion transactions a year.

GeoComply’s solutions incorporate location, device, and identity intelligence and advanced machine learning to detect and flag fraudulent activity. By integrating GeoComply’s solutions into their processes and risk engines, organizations can identify fraud earlier in a user’s engagement, better establish their true digital identity and empower digital trust. 

GeoComply’s award-winning products are based on technologies developed for the highly regulated and complex US online gaming and sports betting market. Beyond iGaming, GeoComply provides geolocation fraud detection solutions for streaming video broadcasters and the online banking, payments and cryptocurrency industries, building an impressive list of customers, including Akamai, Amazon Prime Video, BBC, BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel, and Sightline. 

For more information, visit Follow GeoComply on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Hopscotch

Hopscotch is an all-in-one payments platform helping hundreds of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and SMB owners more easily manage their invoicing and bill pay processes in one place. With Hopscotch, you can pay and get paid in real time with zero fees, integrate to accounting software like Quickbooks, and stay flexible with cash flow management features like Flow. Think Venmo, for business-to-business payments, on steroids.

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