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New Video Exposes the Dark Side of Illegal Online Gambling in the US: A Call for Action and Regulation

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In an eye-opening new video, GeoComply sheds light on the alarming societal and economic repercussions of illegal online gambling in the United States. The video reveals how unregulated gambling platforms not only evade taxes but also lack consumer protection that puts players at risk. 

Highlighting the urgent need for law enforcement and regulatory bodies to intervene, the video argues for the shutdown of these illegal websites who are operating in plain sight. Furthermore, it advocates for lawmakers to pursue licensing and regulation of online gambling. This approach aims to dismantle the black market, replacing it with a transparent, accountable, and regulated industry. 

“Through this video, we are shining a spotlight on the urgent issue of illegal online gambling — a problem that’s been hiding in plain sight, yet profoundly affects our society and economy. Our goal is to promote a movement towards a safer, regulated, and responsible gambling industry. We believe that by shutting down unregulated operators and advocating for licensed and accountable online gambling, we can protect consumers, generate economic benefits, and significantly reduce the negative impacts of the black market. This video is more than just raising awareness, it’s a call to action for law enforcement, regulators, and lawmakers to join forces in creating a secure and sustainable online gaming landscape in the United States.”

– Anna Sainsbury, Co-Founder & CEO, GeoComply



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