On-property, geofencing solution

Create virtual boundaries to expand your business while complying with regulations.

PinPoint combines the power of its proprietary beacon technology with GeoComply’s industry-leading location fraud technology.

  • sports field

    Expand your sportsbook

    Allow users to place bets on their mobile apps anywhere within the facility.

  • signal

    Geofence any indoor space

    Create virtual boundaries to limit where consumers can or cannot play.

  • android

    Improve the customer experience

    Allow users to verify their identity on-property using their mobile devices.

  • Key features

    • fence

      Custom geofences

      Our PinPoint beacons support large- or small-scale geofencing use cases.

    • pin

      Beacon Manager

      Our Beacon Manager portal integrates all PinPoint beacons for continuous monitoring and status notifications.

    • stop sign

      Location fraud detection

      Leverage location-spoofing and fraud prevention features from GeoComply Core SDKs.

    • sync

      Always updated

      Over-the-air software updates ensure PinPoint Beacons always have the latest security and compliance features.

    • computer

      Client portal

      Make better decisions with dashboards and reporting available at your fingertips. Every available data point is tracked and monitored.

    • shield

      Proven reliability

      PinPoint beacons enforce compliance at hundreds of different locations in multiple states with proven reliability.

    • Neal Atkinson, Director of Table Games

      “Our growth in revenue year over year has outpaced the state five to one.”

      Neal Atkinson, Director of Table Games
    • Neal Atkinson, Director of Table Games

      “The important thing about the mobile app is that you’re not limited to having a dedicated space for the sportsbook, it allows you to turn your entire property into your sportsbook.”

      Neal Atkinson, Director of Table Games
    • Chris Hopwood, Sportsbook Director

      “I’ve had a lot of feedback that people have been betting from their hotel rooms, the center bar over on the other side of Silverstar with the other restaurants we had…. It makes it easy to use anywhere on the property.”

      Chris Hopwood, Sportsbook Director
    • Cassandra Grady, IT Sr. Business Systems Analyst

      “PinPoint’s back office allows us to see where our players were and what they were actually betting on.”

      Cassandra Grady, IT Sr. Business Systems Analyst

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