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GeoComply Chargeback Integrator

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We do the work; you get the wins. Fight chargebacks at scale.

Built by gaming fraud experts for gaming fraud fighters, GeoComply Chargeback Integrator (GCI) automates your dispute process and protects your revenue. Never waste your valuable resources whether you receive 10 or 10,000 chargebacks per month.

No more manual work

Managing chargebacks in-house is costly and time-consuming as your team is constantly pulled away from core operations. Analysts typically spend 20-60 minutes collecting information in order to submit evidence reports to represent their case. Having us at the forefront also ensure your evidence reports are up to date with changing dispute rules. Most operators don’t fight chargebacks at scale if at all due to the complexity of the process and low confidence in their evidence.

Why GCI?

Reduce the amount of time spent on chargeback responses by up to 99% and handle chargebacks efficiently at scale with smart automation.

Get 60+ data points in your evidence reports, including GeoComply’s unmatched geolocation and device insights.

We offer a win-back share model which means we get paid on our success.

GCI is continuously updated to meet the latest guidelines for compelling evidence.

Key Capabilities

Integrate seamlessly with GeoComply Core and your Payment service provider – PSP to collect data and generate reports to represent.

Prove true location where transactions were made with historical geolocation data.

Identify historic data specific to the device, check if it has been flagged for fraud in the past, and detect masking tools (rooted devices, VPNs, proxies.. etc.).

Access a centralized dashboard to analyze chargebacks from multiple payment providers.

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