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All-in-one identity verification solution for iGaming

What is IDComply?

IDComply is an end-to-end identity verification solution. It is designed to meet the unique identity verification needs of the gaming world, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for your users. Employing advanced multi source verification, IDComply elevates your pass rate and helps shield against identity fraud. It draws insights from billions of iGaming transactions*.

Why IDComply?

Utilize various KYC methods, such as data verification, photo ID verification, KBA, CfA* and PEP/OFAC checks

*Core for Authentication (CfA) required for this feature

Comply with state-specific requirements, freeing your team from tracking regulatory changes and guarding against compliance issues

An in-house professional team assesses your registration form and verification settings, providing insights on how to enhance your overall user experience

Customize your verification process, ensuring data accuracy, detecting fraud early on*, preventing unnecessary checks, and reducing acquisition costs

*Core for Authentication (CfA) required for this feature

End-to-end user verification

Leverage our advanced multi-source verification that examines different aspects of user identities to improve data accuracy and pass rates

Track performance in realtime with detailed reports and visuals for actionable insights, like understanding user abandonment reasons

Avoid the complexity of integrating multiple providers. Opt for our easy-to-integrate solution for the best of both worlds

Up to 95%

pass rate for clients across 46 states in 2023**

Up to 20%

higher than that of individual vendors, saving thousandsof dollars monthly**


YoY growth, underscoring the trust of over 30 major clients in the US

**Expectations from results of existing IDComply customers.

How does IDComply work?

A single API call that verifies up to 95% of users on their first try.

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