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Still relying on IP Addresses for compliance?

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Modernize your compliance program with pinpoint geolocation data

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Sanctions & AML Compliance

How GeoComply Helps

  • Detect the true location of a transaction with multiple geolocation signals, including GPS, WiFI & cell tower triangulation.
  • Identify advanced location spoofing beyond simple VPN and proxy detection.
  • Analyze historical geolocation transactions to detect and flag suspicious behavior.


  • Flag or block transactions from sanctioned or high-risk jurisdictions.
  • Create an audit trail for improved reporting and traceability of all transactions.
  • Identify potential signs of money laundering or mule accounts.

KYC and Digital Identity Verification

How GeoComply Helps

  • Verify a customer’s true location as part of their digital identity.
  • Validate the exact location of a user at the time of a transaction.


  • Strengthen authentication during onboarding, transacting, and updating credentials.
  • Identify suspicious location behavior that may signal fraud, such as account takeover.

Accurate Geofencing

How GeoComply Helps

  • Create virtual perimeters – accurate to a few meters – around sanctioned or high-risk jurisdictions and areas using verified location data.


  • Prevent sanctions evasions and block users from sanctioned jurisdictions.
  • Comply with jurisdictional sanctions regulations from OFAC.
  • Geofence and monitor activity in high-risk hotspots to detect fraud early on.

GeoComply is the global market leader in geolocation security for over a decade


analyzed transactions per year, and growing


accuracy in VPN detection


installed devices worldwide

Ready to raise the bar on your sanctions and AML compliance?

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