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Advanced Location Data: What It Is and How It Can Be Used to Stop Online Financial Crimes

advanced location data
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1 minutes

Financial institutions that are still using 1990s IP technology for geolocation are missing the mark!

Did you know that advanced location data is a critical signal that’s readily available – but not being used – for KYC onboarding, AML/sanctions compliance and transaction/account monitoring?

In this 45-minute webinar, Trevor Wingert, GeoGuard’s Senior Consultant, KYC and Anti-Fraud Solutions, discusses how advanced location data can be used to fight fraud and other types of online financial crime.

Watch our webinar to learn about:

  • Techniques that bad actors use to hide their true location and ways to detect them
  • The types and accuracy of location signals such as Wi-Fi, GPS, cell tower triangulation, IP and HTML5 data and how to ensure they have not been altered
  • How to access this device-level location data and integrate it into your onboarding processes, transaction/compliance monitoring and risk engines
  • How the over-reliance of using IP address data for location creates fraud, AML and terrorist-financing threats

Bad actors always try to hide their true location. Discover how advanced location technology can detect and stop criminals before they can even start.

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