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Fighting Cyber Crime and Digital Fraud with Data and Public / Private Partnerships

fighting cyber crime webinar
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COVID-19’s impact is affecting nearly every part of our daily lives. As millions of consumers migrate their entire lives online – including greater reliance on online banking, digital transactions and e-commerce – cyber criminals are watching, waiting and following the money.

Rates of cyber crime and related fraud are skyrocketing. Cyber criminals pose a constant threat to consumers and the global financial system while also draining law enforcement resources. Sadly, fraudsters are now targeting the government backed stimulus programs to aid the millions now struggling financially due to the pandemic.

Until the necessary steps are taken to mitigate these constantly evolving risks, no corner of the internet is immune. For banks and fintechs, it has never been more important to:

  • Bolster cyber fraud defenses and strengthen KYC / CDD protocols
  • Invest in innovative tools to enhance digital ID verification and authentication
  • Utilize new data types for detecting fraud in order to provide greater consumer trust, security and assurance.

Check out this webinar to hear from a range of experts on:

  • Emerging criminal trends, typologies and red flags that are indicative of illicit online activity
  • The most effective avenues to get in front of constantly emerging cyber threats and the types of data most critical for law enforcement to counter evolving threats
  • Consumer insights on the collection and utilization of modern/accurate data sources
  • The importance of eliminating barriers to utilizing the data known to be a powerful fraud deterrent
  • Why public and private sector coordination and collaboration is essential to prevent unintended consequences from restrictions on use of readily available data sources

Elizabeth Cronan, VP of Gov’t Affairs, GeoGuard


  • Shawn Henry, President, Crowdstrike Services
  • Rob Daly, Head of Identity, Stripe
  • Jerry Perullo, Chief Information Security Officer, Intercontinental Exchange | ICE | NYSE
  • Steven Merrill, Section Chief, Financial Crimes Section, FBI
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