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GeoComply OTT Solutions Brief

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Protecting Broadcasters, Rightsholders and OTTS From VPN-Based Piracy

The rampant geo-piracy and geolocation fraud caused via VPNs and DNS proxies is threatening the entire video streaming ecosystem – from studios and content creators to sports leagues and premium OTT broadcasters.

But it’s the one area of content piracy that can be easily stopped!

  • The scale, scope and revenue/jobs losses caused by content piracy
  • How VPNs and DNS proxies are undermining territorial licensing including the impact on domestic market revenue
  • How the loss of territorial “exclusivity” caused by geo-piracy is being used to demand refunds and renegotiation of rights contracts
  • Strategies to combat the new threat caused by the “hijacking” of residential IPs to circumvent VPN detection

If you’re not protecting your content from piracy, then who is?