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Stopping Geolocation Fraud and Content Leakage via VPNs and DNS Proxies

  • White Paper
  • Media & Entertainment
  • The scale, scope and methods of geo-piracy and location fraud across various devices and touch points
  • What industry standards/technologies should be adopted to combat piracy and location fraud
  • How to implement these standards/technologies
  • How VPN and DNS Proxy detection has been integrated at the CDN level on both Akamai and AWS CloudFront, allowing fast and easy implementation
  • With premium video streaming services growing rapidly in popularity, geolocation fraud via VPNs and DNS Proxies will continue to grow if left unchecked.
  • Whether you’re a rightsholder, OTT broadcaster or CDN provider, this white paper provides valuable information on how geolocation fraud is significantly impacting the entire digital content ecosystem and how you can stop it.