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The Global Universal Personal Identifier (GUPI) allows clients to create protected, de-identified Know Your Customer (KYC) information to securely and accurately analyze online users while protecting end-users Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

GUPI enables operators to generate a unique hash of a user when KYC verification is completed, allowing the operator to only share a unique hash of the user with GeoComply. This eliminates the exposure of GeoComply or other 3rd party receivers of the identifier to leakage of real-world identifiers.

Using GUPI means that any attempted brute-force attack is computationally expensive and therefore not worthwhile for bad actors to attempt. This protects end-users and ensures that GUPI remains trustworthy and effective for self-exclusion.


  • A universal, cross-state, cross-operator solution for user identification and tracking.
  • Involves no sharing of PII, for easier security framework compliance.
  • Submitted as a custom field across desktop and mobile SDKs, and Solus.
  • Generated and returned in the response for successful IDComply checks.

Key Benefits

  • Increases player engagement by accurately identifying cross-state and cross-brand player activity to better identify player trends and marketing opportunities.
  • Reduces the impact of security breaches by de-identifying users with accurate, unique, nationwide IDs.
  • Decreases costs by boosting the effectiveness of fraud tools by accurately tracking fraudsters nationwide.
  • Improves responsible gaming tool kits by offering a multi-state cooldown and self-exclusion tool through the GUPI-powered solution, PlayPause.
  • Blocks players from wagering pursuant to applicable state sports betting integrity laws and regulations by providing a universal, cross-operator, cross-jurisdictional unique identifier for players.

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