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GeoComply is the leading location solutions provider offering services to some of the most competitive industries.

Easy Monitoring

Live traffic maps with 3D capabilities. Realtime location result lookups for customer services and troubleshooting.

Advanced Reporting

In-depth visual tools and automated reporting services covering areas such as location analytics, chargebacks assistance, anti-fraud and marketing support.

Accurate & Secure

Pinpoint-accurate location and device data.  Enhanced anti-spoofing detection for secure and uncompromised verification of users.


Advanced geo-fencing capabilities for any mappable area. Highly configurable boundary parameters, filtering rules, and device-specific features maximize the usability of turn-key solutions.


Fully licensed, bonded and audited by international governing bodies such as the Department of Safety and Homeland Security.


Complex yet scalable solutions built to uphold legal or industry compliance requirements of any level.


Media Streaming

In the age of proliferating online media content, location has become an crucial consideration for both entities looking to license and distribute their content, as well as for the users looking to access it.  While the internet knows few bounds when it comes to location, the reality demonstrates that user location is essential to determining lawful access to online media.


Payment Fraud Solutions

Businesses and consumers alike can be better protected when using online payment methods than ever before, in any location worldwide, thanks in part to our technology. When used as an anti-fraud and anti-collusion solution our location and device data has driven an 85% reduction in fraud costs to our current clients.


Location Compliance

GeoComply is a global leader in location compliance, providing trusted and highly adaptive solutions for pinpoint accuracy and reliability.  We have custom-designed our technology to eliminate the risk of location spoofing across all devices while optimizing the end-user experience.

Our Team

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    Anna Sainsbury


    About Anna Sainsbury

    Anna Sainsbury, former Commercial Director of TST, has over 7 years experience in regulation and compliance across both the land-based and online gaming industries. Anna has worked with regulators, operators and vendors throughout North America, Australia, Asia and Europe. More Recently Anna has taken up the challenge of developing and delivering a reliable geolocation solution for the US Intra State market. As CEO of GeoComply, Anna is now working with some of the first movers in the emerging US online gaming market to harness the latest technologies to ensure compliance with UIGEA and other governing laws.

  • Testimonial

    Lindsay Slader

    Operations Manager

    About Lindsay Slader

    Prior to GeoComply, Lindsay Slader spent five years in business development and marketing at the leading compliance testing company, TST, servicing both the iGaming and landbased markets. During that time she worked with some of the largest operators and vendors in North America as well as regulators across Europe and North America.

    Lindsay holds a political science and international relations degree from the University of British Columbia.

Over 65 million transactions in 2014
Compatible with 275+ browser types
Located 450+ mobile device types
66.88% Static Connection usage iOS & Android
39.12% Mobile Connection usage iOS & Android
Verification Rate
Service Uptime
Delivering a geolocation solution which is not just compliant, but also built and optimized with the player experience in mind is a critical success factor for iGaming in North America and GeoComply have always demonstrated to us that they understand that and can deliver on that under tight deadlines and across all platforms.
The Georgia Lottery has always been committed to the principle of responsible play and continually reviews best practices and new technologies to apply to its products. Our decision to employ GeoComply's state of the art tools to ensure that consumers of our online products are located only within our state borders demonstrates that this commitment remains strong.

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