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Securing Remote Workflows With Advanced Geolocation Technology

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work forever. With remote or hybrid-working here to stay, companies are grappling with how to maintain the security of their businesses and information. This is particularly significant for those producing content in the media & entertainment industry.

GeoComply partnered up with Shift to create a Remote Workflow Optimization Game Plan. The Plan provides media and entertainment industry employees with all the information necessary to manage high-value content production.

Whether its asset management, video editing, remote collaboration, or digital delivery, the highest levels of security must be maintained for at-home projects to preserve the value of content.

That is where geolocation-based security and location fraud detection come in.

VPNs: The Problem or the Solution?

VPNs are commonly used by organizations to secure networks. However, certain types of malicious VPNs can often do more harm than good. Some VPNs might even hijack your IP connection and compromise your devices, putting high-value content in the production phase in serious jeopardy.

As a market leader in VPN and proxy detection, GeoComply’s advanced technology can help organizations filter out malicious VPNs gaining access to a network, while allowing authorized VPNs through. GeoComply’s software uses device-based geolocation data signals from multiple sources – such as GPS and Wi-Fi triangulation – to pinpoint a user’s true location within meters. These data signals are verified for authenticity by detecting the use of location spoofing tools, such as VPNs, to manipulate an IP address. With GeoComply, businesses can be sure that only legitimate users have access to sensitive and valuable information.

Of course, studios cannot be taking any risks when it comes to protecting high-value content in the production phases. Advanced location signals provide the assurances necessary to identify and flag fraudulent or suspicious activity in real-time.

Location Signals: A Powerful Indicator of Fraud

By leveraging advanced location data, combined with the power of a real-time and historic risk-engine, businesses can identify and flag fraudulent or suspicious activity in milliseconds.

With device and location intelligence, businesses can prevent account takeover, hacking, and other types of fraud. For example, a user attempting to login to a platform from a new device or different location than usual might be flagged for additional security checks.

With an audit trail of enriched data insights, businesses strengthen the data available to track down fraudulent actors and prevent content theft in real-time. Therefore, creators can rest easy at night, knowing the fruits of their labour are secure in a remote environment.

Read more about remote workflow optimization in GeoComply and Shift’s Game Plan.

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