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Hijacked Residentials IPs – A New Threat to Studios, OTTS and Rightsholders

  • White Paper
  • Media & Entertainment

How to Stop The COVID-19 Related Surge in VPN/DNS Proxy Based Content Piracy

This white paper explains how millions of users who downloaded “free” VPN software to bypass territorial content restrictions while staying at home during COVID-19 have unwittingly had their residential IPs hijacked by these VPN providers (through the terms of service) and then sold to the highest bidder – usually other VPNs who then sell these residential IPs as a premium priced option to by-pass existing VPN detection.

This “premium” service enables users to access territorially restricted content by pretending to be an “undetectable” residential IP in a specific geographical territory.

In this white paper, we provide an easy-to-deploy solution to detect residential IPs and ensure protection from geo-piracy for content owners and rightsholders.

Check out this White Paper to learn:

  • How the use of location spoofing via VPNs and DNS Proxies has surged during COVID-19 as people at home attempt to access territorially restricted content
  • How this has resulted in millions of hijacked residential IPs being sold to the highest bidder.
  • The methods used to hijack residential computers to enable large-scale geo-piracy.
  • How geolocation fraud undermines the territorial business model that content owners and rightsholders rely on for revenue and puts the entire streaming media industry at risk.
  • The tools and strategies you can utilize to effectively combat the residential IP threat.

Whether you’re a content owner, rightsholder or OTT provider, this White Paper shows how geolocation fraud via hijacked residential IPs is threatening the entire content delivery ecosystem and how you can stop it!