The term geo-piracy refers to the use of location spoofing techniques to bypass territorial restrictions on content accessible over the internet. Methods range from IP address masking via a VPN or DNS Proxy provider or by manipulating geolocation data from Wi-Fi, GSM or GPS via HTML5 spoofing extensions and fake location apps.

Geo-piracy is a major issue for studios, rightsholders and sports leagues as it reduces the value of their content and puts online broadcasters in breach of their rights contracts. According to Global Web Index, VPNs are regularly used by 32% of internet users with the main purpose to access geographically restricted entertainment content. Protection against geo-piracy helps to prevent content leakage, detect account sharing, enforce territorial restrictions on content and ensure the value of content is not eroded.

Stop geo-piracy with GeoComply.


Accuracy in VPN Detection

+/-5 Meters

Location Accuracy