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The global leader in geo-piracy prevention

We help the Media and Entertainment industry fight video piracy and protect streaming revenues.

The world’s leading broadcasters, OTTs, and streaming services including, the BBC, Amazon Prime Video, and beIN Media Group, rely on GeoGuard to protect their premium content. GeoGuard helps these businesses detect and prevent geolocation fraud and geo-piracy whilst ensuring they comply with territorial licensing agreements imposed by sports rights owners and Hollywood studios.

Protecting premium rights and securing content is always a hot topic in the Media and Entertainment industry

James Clark, our GM of Media & Entertainment, recently sat down with some industry stalwarts to chew the fat about the industry and dig deep into their perspectives and opinions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to learn more about how GeoGuard can help your business.

  • How do Hollywood studios deal with piracy? Here’s the inside scoop

    Chris Odgers spent 20 years at Warner Bros, most recently as VP of technology.

    Chris gives us a peek behind the scenes into how Hollywood studios operate, and discusses how security is managed throughout the production and distribution process.

  • Rights fragmentation is driving up geo-piracy. What does the future hold?

    Minal Modha is head of consumer research at Ampere Analysis.

    Armed with reams of consumer research, Minal spills the beans on how rights fragmentation is driving sports and movie fans to geo-piracy, and predicts what might happen next. Will super-aggregators win out? Will new streaming platforms with flexible monetization models thrive?

  • A look at how fighting piracy can positively impact your bottom line

    Nathalie Lethbridge is founder and MD of the streamed entertainment consultancy Atonik Digital.

    Nathalie talks about how different streaming business models are needed to sweat assets to pay for future investment, while using encryption and geo-blocking tools to combat revenue leakage from streaming piracy.

  • Is your security any good? Why metrics matter

    Mei Lam heads up content assurance for Cartesian’s content security team.

    Mei promotes the merits of streaming providers adopting a proactive approach to content security, and argues that quantifying required outcomes from security solutions helps to mitigate piracy.

  • How is the user experience evolving?

    Head of strategic sales at 3SS, Lara Lerville has exceptional expertise in helping operators optimize the viewer experience.

    Lara examines one of those key issues that defines streaming success – the user experience. She considers the consequences of getting the user experience wrong and gazes into her crystal ball to see what’s in store in the future. Will we wear magical contact lenses to watch TV one day?

  • Piracy can upend your business. Here’s how one operator is tackling it head on

    JP Andreaux is head of content protection at Shahid, the streaming service from MBC, the largest media company in the MENA region.

    JP reveals interesting insights about how an operator creates and implements a security strategy, and how to get the best bang for the buck when investing in security solutions.

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    GeoGuard is used to detect over 100m geo-piracy attempts per month

  • Money-Circle

    Protect streaming revenues

    Our award-winning Hollywood studio-approved solution detects the use of location-spoofing techniques, such as VPNs and Proxies, to stop pirates in their tracks. With 99.6% accuracy in independent tests, GeoGuard customers comply with licensing agreements from studios and sports leagues to protect territorial revenues.

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    Free up infrastructure capacity and cut CDN costs

    By blocking illegitimate viewers, our customers conserve expensive compute power enabling them to reallocate it to serve more honest users. On top of this, they no longer need to foot the CDN bill of delivering streams to illegitimate users.

  • Users

    Reduce credential sharing and fraud

    GeoGuard detects and blocks sophisticated threats and is proven to reduce credential sharing and fraud by up to 66%; freeing up more capacity to serve legitimate subscribers.

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    GeoGuard is pre-integrated with leading content delivery networks (CDNs) including Akamai and Amazon CloudFront, enabling streaming platforms to simply “turn on” VPN and proxy detection.

    Curious to learn more? Gain access to our premium content.

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      MultiChoice Case Study

      Find out how Africa’s leading entertainment company deployed GeoGuard to combat piracy, then discovered how it also freed up infrastructure capacity and cut CDN costs.

    • Download

      Beyond IP White Paper

      Find out why emerging threats such as hijacked residential IP addresses and proxy-over-VPN attacks mean streaming providers will have to consider new ways of safeguarding their content.

    • Download

      Stopping Geolocation Fraud

      White paper: Learn about best practice and methodologies to prevent piracy via VPNs and DNS proxies.

    • Download

      Hijacked residential IPs

      A new threat to studios, OTTs and rights holders comes from the millions of users who have downloaded free VPN software and subsequently had their residential IPs hijacked and sold on to unscrupulous individuals. This white paper offers a way forward.


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    • The BBC

      “GeoGuard forms part of the suite of tools that we use to control who accesses our content, and from where.”

      The BBC
    • Campbell Foster, Vice President of Product Marketing, Akamai

      “By integrating GeoGuard directly with the Akamai Intelligent Platform, we are giving our customers a simple
      way to implement a comprehensive geo-piracy solution without the usual associated complexity and technical overhead.”

      Campbell Foster, Vice President of Product Marketing, Akamai
    • Tsz Kit Chan, AVP, Product Development, PCCW Media Ltd.

      “GeoGuard responded quickly to help us solve our content protection needs, and with their guidance we integrated their solution swiftly and painlessly. I can also attest to the high quality and commitment of GeoGuard’s 24/7 customer support team.”

      Tsz Kit Chan, AVP, Product Development, PCCW Media Ltd.
    • Chris Grusz, Director, AWS Marketplace and Service Catalog, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

      “GeoGuard in AWS Marketplace provides Amazon CloudFront customers an additional layer of protection against VPN and proxy-based geolocation fraud and geo-piracy.”

      Chris Grusz, Director, AWS Marketplace and Service Catalog, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

    Industry Accolades: GeoGuard is gaining recognition across the Media and Entertainment industry for its impact on reducing piracy

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