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Core for Authentication

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Instantly authenticate without friction.

KBA is not an ideal authentication method due to its susceptibility to bypass, vulnerability to data breaches, and the heavy friction that typically results in over 30% of users abandoning registration. With more state regulators demanding enhanced due diligence, Core for Authentication (CFA) was built to enable gaming operators to strike a delicate balance between user experience and security.

What is Core for Authentication?

Core for Authentication is a KBA alternative that offers a frictionless user experience while reducing fraudulent account setups. CFA runs in the background and instantly authenticates users through a single API call once the registration form is submitted.

Why CFA?

Instantly perform passive checks once the registration form is submitted.*

Validate data through multiple sources and compile insights from device, location, behavior, and phone reputation.

Leverage GeoComply’s device fingerprinting technology and database to identify common fraud flags and block registration from known fraud areas.

Identify and block fraudsters from reaching data verification, to avoid paying more acquisition costs.

*Further action is only required for suspicious or thin file users.

Key Capabilities

With one API call, instantly authenticate users through the following checks:

Check whether the user’s location has been associated with any suspicious activity or fraud.

Identify if the device has tenure (wasn’t recently activated) and check for common fraud flags (jailbroken, rooted, proxies, etc.).

Ensure the last name provided in the registration form matches the one associated with the customer’s phone number.

Verify data through multiple KYC vendors and automatically check every subsequent source until a successful verification.

Authentication made seamless

  1. Registration form.
  2. The user is authenticated through historical behavioral/location/device data, and their phone number is assessed for any associated risk. Their data is also verified against trusted data sources in a waterfall logic.
  3. The user is successfully authenticated*
GeoComply's Core for Authentication illustration diagram

*Further action, such as document verification, can be offered for suspicious or thin file users.

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