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Core for Authentication

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Frictionless, instant user authentication

Onboarding users with knowledge-based authentication (KBA) may lead to a 40% abandonment rate¹ due to user friction. Fraud is also a concern, as security answers can be found online. Core for Authentication (CfA) resolves these issues, aiding gaming operators in efficient user authentication and expanding their player funnel.

¹Data sourced from Signicat

What is Core for Authentication?

CfA is a frictionless authentication solution that verifies the authenticity of user information. It also prevents fraud early in the player funnel using advanced geolocation technology and billions of gaming insights.

Why CFA?

Analyze device, location, and telecom data discreetly in the background for precise user authentication, avoiding security questions and user friction

Block fraudulent registrations from sanctioned or high-risk areas and identify unusual location and device behaviours

Optimize your KYC strategy by placing CfA at the forefront of your KYC waterfall, eliminating fraudsters at an early stage, saving on acquisition costs

Leverage the expertise of our teams to optimize your user verification settings for an optimized user experience

Robust integrity review

Verify user location or device for suspicious activity, fraud, or sanctioned/high-risk areas. Checks are conducted against the GeoComply database containing +400 million flagged devices for fraud

Verify user’s mobile number against carrier records, check for account takeovers, examine phone behaviour, and review phone number’s history for suspicious or inadequate information

²Flexible solution that allows for other verification methods

Easily embed into your KYC workflow. One single API, requiring minimal to no maintenance by the operator’s team

Compared to KBA³

Up to 50%

increase in the pass rate


faster response time


faster integration

Seamless authentication

CFA illustration 03 (1)

²Flexible solution that allows for other verification methods
³Expectations from results of existing CfA customers

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