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On property, mobile geofencing solution.

Create virtual boundaries to expand your business while complying with regulations.

For land-based gaming venues to expand their operations with on-premise mobile gaming, it’s critical that they integrate solutions that offer accurate geofencing, regulatory compliance, and fraud mitigation to ensure the integrity of their mobile offerings.


Used by 25+ world leading operators, major league stadiums and tribal casinos within 13 US states, PinPoint is trusted for secure and compliant transactions.

Broaden the physical limits of your venue using beacon technology that allows customers to play on mobile apps anywhere within your facility or reservation.

Eliminate waiting lines at kiosks or terminals by allowing customers to complete identity checks and purchase or transfer money using their mobile devices.


Our Pinpoint technology will allow you to enforce internal controls including funding restrictions in the designated gaming areas.

Digital wallets connected to beacons will alert you when customers arrive at your property and predict where they plan to spend money.

Our technology will detect and prevent fraud and hacks across the player funnel, ensuring trust in every digital interaction on your mobile app.

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